Courage for Innovation

Sika lab in Zurich, Switzerland

The research and development of new products, systems, technologies, applications, and production processes form the basis of Sika’s innovations. Its research activities are carried out by 2,242 employees across 21 global Technology Centers. 55 local and 20 regional research and development facilities are globally aligned to Sika Technology AG. 

Sustainability as Innovation Driver

Sustainability is an essential driver in developing competitive solutions for demanding markets and emerging customer needs. Sika focuses its Research & Development (R&D) activities on generating long-term customer benefits in line with sustainability principles.

It is the strategic target of Sika to innovate with developments that enable sustainable construction and transportation solutions that directly contribute to lowering the environmental footprint along the value chain. Sustainability has become the key driver for R&D projects at Sika. It encompasses the quest for alternative, renewable materials, low carbon solutions, new recycling concepts, more efficient production methods like modular building, resource efficiency and health and safety at the workplace, enhanced flexibility in product application and production, and digitally enhanced product solutions and applications.

Innovation and Sustainability are managed by the newly created position of the Chief Innovation and Sustainability Office. Combining Innovation and Sustainability allows Sika to strengthen and accelerate its concept for enabling sustainable construction and transportation by placing sustainability aspects at the core of strategic and operational innovation processes, while simultaneously driving operational leverage and excellence across the organization. To help address the global challenge, Sika is addressing climate change comprehensively in its strategic development and has laid important foundations to become a net zero company by 2050.

In 2021, the company has kicked off various projects and initiatives that will lead to the development of a Sika net zero roadmap and the commitment to corporate net zero targets in line with the latest knowledge on climate science.

21 Locations in 10 Countries

3 Global Technology Centers in France





3 Global Technology Centers in Switzerland





4 Global Technology Centers in Germany






1 Global Technology Center in Italy



1 Global Technology Center in Spain


Alcobendas (Madrid)

1 Global Technology Center in the UK


2 Global Technology Centers in the USA



Madison Heights

1 Global Technology Center in Brazil


Lencois Paulista

2 Global Technology Centers in Japan




3 Global Technology Centers in China





Sika R&D employee

Bottom-up Communication to Leverage Innovation

Sika Technology Centers worldwide are producing and implementing ideas to process new technologies and formulations. Research and development as well as sustainability and operations work together to develop innovations. It's crucial for Sika that all employees have access to appropriate channels to present ideas for possible innovations. Therefore, communication and technology tools are used to ensure a bottom-up communication of ideas to decision makers. This aides in fostering a culture that enables employees on all levels to come forward with initiatives, granting access to a variety of defined channels, and rewarding new ideas.

The “Forum Communication” has been established to discuss and take into account employee feedback regarding communication. Proposals and employee input are gathered, discussed and taken into account in the communication planning process. Input and achievements of the Forum Communication are reported to the CTO and the management team of Corporate R&D. Everyone within Sika can raise their voice and provide input.  

Sika Global Innovation Challenge

Patricia Heidtman handing over the the Sika Global Innovation Challenge Trophy

Innovation is part of Sika’s DNA and brand positioning. Sika has put into life the Sika Global Innovation Challenge in the context of its Talent Management and its ambition to foster the innovative drive of high potentials. The purpose of the program is also to prepare this new generations of innovation leaders embrace key change drivers such as sustainability, digitalization and circular economy.