Sika aligns its medium to long-term growth strategy with six important megatrends: digitalization, rising growth momentum, climate change, demographic change, urbanization, and technological progress. The company identifies entrepreneurial opportunities in fundamental social and economic development trends, thereby actively shaping the process of change.

Close up texture of Sika 3D concrete printed element


Sika has benefited from the surge in demand in e-commerce and is continuously involved in construction of data centers that form the backbone of the digital economy. Sika is active in 3D concrete printing and has been driving innovations.

Rising Growth Momentum

Especially in the countries of Africa, Sika sees significant business potential: Strong population growth, urbanization, and the associated urgent requirement for infrastructure expansion, are all factors that speak in favor of investments in these markets.

Steigende Wirtschaftsdynamik in Asien und Afrika

Climate Change

The company has consistently aligned its organization with sustainable development. It makes resource-efficient solutions available to its customers and strives to reduce its own CO2 footprint on an ongoing basis.

Demographic Change

Sika’s solutions for increasing the efficiency of construction and production processes can significantly help cushion the shortage of personnel resources.

Steigende Wirtschaftsdynamik in Asien und Afrika
City of Skyscrapers


Sika is using urbanization to increasingly offer not only products and systems but also complete solutions from all its Target Markets.

Technological Progress

The modular approach to construction is of great importance to Sika. This increases the degree of automation and therefore efficiency in the realization of construction projects.

Megatrend Automation, Modular Building