Sika's Firm Commitment to Diversity and Gender Mix

Diversity at Sika

Sika’s global presence and associated proximity to customers makes it extremely important to integrate different cultures and share experience and know-how across national boundaries. The company firmly believes that the diversity experienced by employees on a daily basis is one of the factors in its success, and it supports an open and inclusive culture, which nurtures a strong sense of belonging and community. A diverse and inclusive workforce enables a wider talent pool, drives innovation and enhances profitability and competitiveness. At courses and seminars, Sika managers are encouraged to give high priority to diversity in team and project planning. More specifically, Sika is committed to:

  • Fight against discrimination based on race, religion, sex, nationality, disability, age, or any other discriminatory characteristic which of high importance due to its global presence. This is also reflected in a diverse senior management team.
  • Provide equal opportunities for all its employees.
  • Integrate people with disabilities through improving working conditions. Sika supports non-discriminatory practices in terms of employment, and practices equal opportunities in the recruitment process and in the professional development of its employees.
  • Increase the percentage of women, particularly in Sales and Management positions.

In 2021, to support this commitment, Sika established a Global Diversity Steering Committee that will preside over Diversity and Inclusion initiatives, set global targets, and have regular meetings to measure the effectiveness of the Diversity strategy and propose adjustments if needed. Similar focus groups will operate at regional and local level – supported for specific initiatives by a Global working team.