Net Zero Target and Roadmap 

To help address the global challenge, Sika is addressing climate change comprehensively in its strategic development and is working hard to become a net zero company. The Sika Sustainability Roadmap includes the milestones that will be performed between 2021 and the second half of 2022:

Sika Roadmap 2022

The Sika Growth and Sustainability Strategies are closely linked to each other: the Sika Growth Strategy 2023 ensures long-term success and profitable growth; while the Sustainability Strategy “More Value – Less Impact” 2023 pursues six strategic target areas, focusing on Climate Performance, Energy, Waste/Water, Community Engagement, Occupational Safety, and Sustainable Solutions.The implementation of the Sustainability Strategy across the Group is moving ahead and performance for year 2021 shows that Sika is improving.

Task force for Climate related Financial Disclosure (TCFD)

As a specialty chemicals company with a leading position in the development and production of systems and products for bonding, sealing, damping, reinforcing, and protecting in the building sector and motor vehicle industry, Sika takes the impact of climate change and the underlying risks seriously. Thanks to the strategy, projects, initiatives, and the collaboration with internal and external experts across the globe, Sika's understanding of climate change and the challenges it brings to our business continuously evolves and improves. This further drives Sika's mitigation plans. As a framework to disclose the impact of climate change on Sika’s business and to increase the understanding of the related risks and opportunities, the Group has adopted the TCFD recommendations.